Peruvian Amazon: Manu National Park

After many years of wanting to explore the deep jungle of Peru's famed Manu National Park, a 10-day break between trips finally gave me the chance. The 10 days was needed, as just getting into the heart of Manu's rain forest from Cusco takes three full days by bus and boat- each way!

Giant Otter: Manu National Park, PeruGiant Otter: Manu National Park, Peru


One of my main goals was to see Giant otters, which are the largest otter in the world and are endangered all over their range in tropical South America.



Argentina: Salta

Burrowing Owl: Salta, ArgentinaBurrowing Owl: Salta, Argentina


After Ecuador I got to return to Argentina to lead a biking trip this spring in Salta.