Panama: Gamboa Rainforest Resort

While in most of Latin America you have to trek pretty far out of the capital to get to the rainforest, Panama is an exception. Since the U.S. protected five miles on either side of the canal for military use, there are now large swaths of rainforest (now protected as national parks by the Panamanian government) that extend all the way into Panama City. 

White-Whiskered Puffbird: Pipeline Road, Gamboa, PanamaWhite-Whiskered Puffbird: Pipeline Road, Gamboa, Panama


For birders, the part of the canal zone that is best known is the area around Gamboa, home to the famous Pipeline Road and protected within Soberania National Park.



Backroads Panama

After five years worth of research and planning, (and a crazy couple of weeks for me) the Backroads Panama Trip has begun! Wow. Panama is a riot for all the senses and the Backroads trip seems to squeeze a month's worth of adventure into just six days.

Geoffroy's Tamarin: Ancon Hill, Panama City, PanamaGeoffroy's Tamarin: Ancon Hill, Panama City, Panama


The trip starts big on day one, when we head upriver by dugout canoe to visit an Embera Indian Community inside Chagres National Park.



Winter 2013...

Black-Tailed TrogonBlack-Tailed Trogon

This winter I'm excited to be heading south again, this time to launch a brand new Backroads trip- in Panama! Look for lots of new photos from Central America and beyond in the coming months... Check out the Backroads website for more info on our new Panama Multisport trip.



New Photos Up

Mountain Gorilla: Bwindi National Park, UgandaMountain Gorilla: Bwindi National Park, Uganda


Photos from my Africa trip are up in a new album, Uganda. Lots more new shots can be found in the Mammals and Birds albums as well. 



Uganda: Murchison Falls Safari

Uganda was a major safari destination until the dictatorship of Idi Amin and the following political turmoil led to rampant poaching that decimated most of the country's big game. Now, as the country recovers from the scars of genocide after several decades of relative stability, the wildlife is also making an impressive comeback.

African Buffalo: Lake Mburo National Park, UgandaAfrican Buffalo: Lake Mburo National Park, Uganda



Uganda: Mountain Gorillas

Uganda has an impressive diversity of wildlife, but nothing quite gets the buzz of the "Once in a lifetime" chance to see Mountain Gorillas. The mountains on the border of Uganda, Rwanda and D.R.C. is the only place in the world where Mountain Gorillas survive, and Uganda's Bwindi Impenitrable National Park is probably the best spot in the world to see them. 

On the way I stopped off at Queen Elizabeth National Park, one of Uganda's big game parks. Game parks in Africa all seem to have the same two main rues. #1: Never walk alone, and #2: If you encounter a dangerous animal, whatever you do, don't run.

Angry Hippo: Queen Elizabeth National Park, UgandaAngry Hippo: Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda


Upon arriving to the park's hostel, my wallet promptly dissappeared.



Uganda: Chimp Tracking in Kibale

Once we had escaped the city, our first stop was Kate's Peace Corps site in Kasule, Uganda. She works in communtiy health development at a clinic and lives in a sweet little house on top of a hill with no electricty but great views over the valleys beyond. I got to practice my Ugandan English, learned how to take a bucket bath in the dark, and cleaned sleeping bats out of the kitchen sink!

Kids: Kasule, UgandaKids: Kasule, Uganda


After a few days we set off for Kibale National Park, in search of wild chimpanzees.



Uganda : Lake Victoria

After twenty-odd years of dreaming about it, I finally made it to Africa!

My friend Kate is almost done with her two-year peace corps assignment in Uganda, and served as my amazing host. Upon picking me up at the airport at three in the morning she whisked me away to...the zoo! Yes, we slept at the zoo. Incredibly, not my idea. 

Malachite Kingfisher: Lake Victoria, UgandaMalachite Kingfisher: Lake Victoria, Uganda





So when I wasn't tramping around in the jungle or the mountains this winter I was working, largely in the Galapagos islands doing the Backroads Ecuador Multisport trip. Rough life, I know. Here are six tips to help you get the most out of your Galapagos experience.

Sea Turtle: Isabella Island, GalapagosSea Turtle: Isabella Island, Galapagos 

Tip #1: You can't approach the wildlife in Galapagos closer than two meters. But the wildllife can, and will, approach you...



Peru: Cuzco

I had a chance to visit Peru in April, for a little bit of hiking, birding, a visit to Machu Picchu with mom (she keeps loyally coming to visit me in far corners of the world!) and lots of great Peruvian food. I also managed to thouroughly break my zoon lens (I can still see it, in slow motion, falling off my camera and bouncing down the incan stone steps) so it's a good thing there was plenty of scenery to shoot, and even a few very cooperative birds. Here are a few shots from the quick trip.

Alpacas: Abra Malaga, PeruAlpacas: Abra Malaga, Peru